Our services always comply with a simple but powerful rule 🙂

Give more than what they expect to get.Nelson Boswell

We would love to help you to improve competitiveness through the communication strategy, faithful to the concept of “continuous improvement”, constant innovation and unquestionable quality in the service, with a DIFFERENTIAL POINT:

our services are INTERNATIONAL and based in PR.



We work as one part more of your team. We love to know the products we work with, the brand, the project …

We will make it known through the media, social media and events.

We develop communication strategies tailored to your needs, always analyzing your needs, strengths and weaknesses.

We are specialists in the national and international press office service, with which we send the information to our clients of the written press, news agencies, online media, radios, televisions and influencers.


  • Communication and PR
    • (Press appearances, content creation, press trips, media planning, …)
  • Creation of strategies
    • (brand differentiation, positioning, …)
  • Organization of events and presentations
  • Inauguration of stores and corresponding marketing
  • Product launches
  • Celebrities Management
  • Showroom
  • Customer events
  • Pop Up Stores


  • Advice and strategy
  • Comprehensive production of events
  • Knowledge of the digital ecosystem and amplification of ideas
  • Development of digital campaigns
  • Management of bloggers and influencers
  • Content creation

• Press Trips (English, German, Italian, French, American, Latin American press, …)
• Product delivery to celebrities and influencers (brand notoriety)
• Create content with the product in traditional and online media to promote and position your brand.
• Create news and content to communicate with your customers or potential customers explaining differential values of your brand.
• Plan events with press and influencers to maintain your brand in your “top of mind”.


This is one of our favourites parts on our project. Work with you to learn how improve yourself your business.

Marketing Fair
The most basic, simple, sometimes is what we forget most easily. Brands, companies, we tend to go to fairs without taking advantage of all the tools we have at our disposal to significantly increase the results we obtain.
• Strategy in Social Media
It is essential today to have staff in the company that understands, internalizes and thinks digitally.
Basic notions that we must learn and establish in the DNA of our company and employees that will bring great advantages to our day to day.
• Branding for companies
Building a good brand image is basic and a basic manual that no brand should ever neglect.

With our graphic designers we will find the branding which suits you best.

• Personal branding
Because it is so important to sell our company as to transmit the same message in oneself.

We have great professionals who will teach you how to move, dress and the importance of all the small details that give you an important first impression.
• Sales Techniques

Never has been easy to sell anything BUT maybe nowadays is becaming more difficult than years ago.

We will develope with your team specifiques techniques to make your business grow up.

• Public speaking

We have an amazing professionals who will show you the best techniques to speak in front of your audience as a brilliant speaker.


• Location of the best point of sale for your brand in the best cities in the world.
• Develop the best space for the promotion of your brand.
• Selection of personnel and training to offer the customer the best possible shopping experience.
• Provide the best legal and administrative professionals for the operation of your store anywhere in the world.
• The opening of stores (from the organization to the communication)


• Search for the right partner according to your target, product, and objectives.
• Negotiation of contracts to obtain the best agreement between both parties.
• Organize purchases and orders to optimize sales and production (time and profit).