Driven is an agency focussing on create strategy and make your brand well-know.


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We have amazing contacts with European travel press and influencers and are the first port of call for any region or major event looking to boost its visitor numbers.

Digital marketing – we have an in house digital marketing specialist and can devise, design and implement digital campaigns to creatively engage your target audience. We also have language specialists in all the main European languages so we can create country specific content that is sure to resonate with whatever customer you are trying to attract.

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Creative media – we can create engaging, exciting visual media content to bring your campaign to life, whether print media, video or radio. We have in house creatives and a team of collaborators to offer you fresh looks that are sure to appeal strongly to your target clients.

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Press and influencer trips – targeting the final consumer – we organize trips to your hotel, event or region with the most important travel and lifestyle journalists and influencers with a view to maximising exposure in the most influential UK and European media – national press, dedicated travel press, TV and web based media. We start by taking a detailed brief of who you want to reach and what your objectives are, then presenting you a plan to achieve and exceed your goals.

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FAM trips – targeting the travel professional – we organize trips with intimate groups of influential professionals that can make your tourism and travel goals a success – curating the trips down to the smallest detail so the visitors leave, understanding exactly what you are offering and converting them into future ambassadors for the success of your project.

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Media planning and buying – if you need paid media, we can present you a detailed sub segmented media marketing campaign to deliver your goals, then buy and plan the media, always taking care of deadlines, media positioning and supplying clipping reports and media equivalent values to show you the worth of the results obtained.

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Creation of touristic products – we are experts at analysing the natural assets you have, re-presenting them in a way that has not been thought of before to create a  new and exciting tourist product for the visitor. We are creative by nature and can conceptualise, plan, perfect and execute an event or action that will attract a highly targeted public from your chosen source country to your market at the time of year that most interest you.

We are based in London, to be close to the press in one of the most vital markets for Spanish and European tourism. We also have associates in Paris, Milan and Germany and are in the process of setting up agreements in Eastern Europe and the Nordic countries.

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With 16 years of experience in fashion, lifestyle and tourism we quickly move where the future runs fast: Asia.

Chinese Social Media Agency

Our pure digital team of experts specialised in the Chinese market will help you to develop a plan especially for your brand.
We will guide you at the conquest of the Chinese digital world and be you eyes in this market full of opportunities and succeed on the Chinese market!
You won’t feel any difference between your usual way to work in Europe.
We will take care of all your doubts, concerns and we will give you the best advice.
Our team is the perfect mix between Europe and China experience.
All our team has been working between the 2 continents and we know well each other.

The social media landscape in China is totally different from what you are used to see in the West. WeChat and Weibo are right now dominant.

Our team will help you to build your own strategy to reach your target in the best worldwide market.

Our digital mind allows us to imagine transverse and complementary campaign on different platforms to communicate with your customers and diffuse them your brand values.

Communicate to the right people at the right time is crucial if you want to succeed and develop your brand awareness among Chinese customers.

China is the PRESENT and FUTURE for lots of European brands.


DRIVEN ASSOCIATES became the Europe partner with YAYUAN ZHANG in China and we became the BRIDGE and CONTACT for the brands and companies born in Europe, whom want to grow up and evolve in China.

We are your contact based in London.

You will explain us your goals, your budget, your objectives…

We will deliver a Marketing Planning (which includes traditional and digital media) and Social Media to make your brand well-know in CHINA.

Our partners will work following your strategy and weekly and monthly, we will check the evolution of your brand in the best global market.

Our team became your team based in China, reporting to you all the improvements, the feedback from customers,…


Be on every platform or only focus on specialised platforms?  We’ll be here to help you and select the right platform for you, building a roadmap and define objectives to reach your target.
We can develop for you a social advertising strategy in order to increase your awareness and reach your consumers more easily.


Our goal will be to find new potential customers, make them become fans and make them stay loyal to your brand.
After building a solid social media strategy, our Community Managers will work to engage potential and current customers, media and all the other interesting audience.
The first step will be to find the right community, integrate it and make it interact. Social media are the best place to react in case crises emerge.
Our community managers know how to deal with it and we’ll help you to go through it.
As a Result oriented Chinese social Media agency we spend 80% of our effort outside of the account.


Every month we’ll send you a report of our monthly actions, and also a detailed report on which we’ll as well set the next month objective.