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logo Hats&Horses

Hats and Horses was originally created for MENORCA, but on the 26th October we organized the 1st edition in MALLORCA.

In just 2 years, DRIVEN has positioned HATS&HORSES as a must visit event in international media like THE DAILY MAIL UK:  DAILY MAIL ARTICLE

Hats&Horses has become THE OPENING EVENT of the season in Menorca.

Publications like HOLA, SEMANA, VANITY FAIR, MUJER HOY,… published  the original event, creating demand amongst visitors for more versions and a bigger and bigger event.

We would like to thank the VIPs, press, collaborators and every single person who helped make these first two editions a resounding success.

Next edition… already being planned!!  23 May 2020. Are you ready?


We brought the MADE IN SPAIN brands to introduce their splendid craftysmanship to HOUSTON, Texas on the 26th June 2019 in our 1st edition.


Spanish brands now have a new trade fair event to promote their footwear in the United States. This is Made in Spain Fest, a professional contest for the promotion of Spanish footwear and accessories that will take place from June 27 to 29 in the Texas city of Houston. Around 15 Spanish footwear, handbags and accessories and foot&beverage firms participated in this first edition.


Organized by the Spanish and US companies Driven Marketing and CrossRoad Services, Made in Spain Fest starts with the objective of making the Spanish brands known to the Texan consumer, both to the distribution store and to the final offline and online consumer. In this way, the first day of the fair was addressed to the professional retail audience and in the other two were open to the final consumer with the possibility of direct sales.

The Spain consul made the honors to inaugurate the 1st edition.


At the same time, Made in Spain Fest will combine the exhibition of samples of a classic fair with the electronic sale through an online platform that will be active for six months and that will make available to the brands a storage space in Houston.

For the promotion of the event, the organizers are working with local media such as televisions, radios and magazines, as well as influencers.